Holistic Wellness Consulting

hands-on-2I provide consulting services by meeting in person, or on the phone with clients desiring a natural approach to healing. I will have several questionnaires designed to provide me with a picture of your health issues and any mitigating factors that may have led up to any medical diagnosis that you have received from the medical establishment. I consider your health history, environmental factors, emotional and mental factors that may be contributing to disease and symptoms that you are concerned with. Based on this information I work with you to determine the best course of holistic action to address these issues so that you can heal from the inside out.

I use many different methods of holistic healing  including: herbs, certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils, and clinical grade therapeutic essential oils. I use mind body techniques, breathing exercises, use of journals, drawing, hands on healing, Pulsed Electromagnetic therapy (PEMF), ionic footbaths, aromatouch, cold laser therapy, Quantum Touch, Guided Imagery, and Integrative Wellness Coaching. Initial session: $75.00 to $150.00

Integrative Wellness Coaching

I will coach you on any health and wellness issue or goals of your choosing. Coaching sessions are tailored to your schedule, your needs and your budget. The most effective coaching schedule is once a week but other schedules can be arranged based on individual needs. Hourly rate = $75.00, 30 minute rate= $50.00, package discounts are available.

Bio-Well Energy Scans

I provide energy field scans with my Bio-Well Gas Discharge Visualization device.  The Bio-Well device uses cutting edge technology known as Gas Discharge Visualization (Kirlian Photography). When I conduct a scan with this device, a weak electrical current is applied to the fingertips which form an electron cloud on the lens of the internal camera. This is uploaded to software that analyzes the information and maps it to the different organs and energy systems of your body. From this I can see where energy deficiencies and excesses exist which can then be addressed with specific therapies.  I will discuss the results of your scan and provide with you with a full report. Stand alone price for this analysis= $25.00

Hands on Energy Healing

I use a combination of energy therapies including Quantum Touch pranic healing and other energy medicine techniques to free up the energy field flow and enhance chakra size and alignment. Many patients have reported how this has helped considerably with pain levels. A typical session is between 30 to 45 minutes and includes pre- and post session Bio-Well energy scan. $75.00  

Ionic Foot Bath Detoxification


Ionic Foot Bath Detoxification

This is an amazing method for detoxing the body. This takes about 45 minutes. Stand Alone price= $45.00 discounted if done in another service session






AromaTouch Essential Oil Application

I am certified in the Aromatouch Essential Oil Application.  Stand Alone fee= $45.00 discount if done in the same session as other consultations, therapies.

Quantum Touch

Holistic Wellness Evaluation

Body Code Sessions